Saturday, February 20, 2010


Right now I am consumed with discovering my parenting philosophy or vision. Before I was a mother I thought I knew just what my philosophy was. Turns out I didn't, motherhood has been very humbling for this outspoken woman.

The little guy I'm asking myself these questions for.

What I have come up with so far is sort of guiding principles, rather than any sort of plan - as I realize, now, with a baby, that plans go right out the window (along with pride.)

-To enjoy my children (there's only one so far)
-Be flexible
-Be in my integrity (meaning that I do not need to apologize for my parenting choices and I must resist trying to meet the expectations of others.)
-Sort out what serves our family
-Focus on my way of being, as everything follows that (i.e. be loving, be respectful, be encouraging)

Fortunately, I get to spend time with many fantastic mothers all doing things differently and respecting each other.   May that be an ongoing truth in my life!

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  1. As always my dear friend, you are an inspiration. Hugs from up North on this blustery day.